March is National Craft Month

As many of you may know March is National Craft Month. At we love to celebrate all things crafty! Crafting has a wide array of benefits from making a house look like a home to stress reduction. Crafting allows you to express yourself and your creative side. Even if you have never completed a craft before why not start?  Here are some amazing ways to get started with crafting.

1.  Finish the projects that you started but never had a chance to complete. Finishing old projects can give you a sense of accomplishment and relief. So go ahead and put the finishing touches on your unfinished projects and start showing them off!

2. Utensil HoldersUpcycle items throughout your house. There are a million different items that can be upcycled into something beautiful. Take aluminum cans for instance. You can use them in the garden for potted plants or in the office to store pens and pencils in. Get crafty with the cans by painting them or covering them with scrapbook paper. These simple touches can really reduce the clutter in your home and provide amazing amounts of storage. You can even use them at parties for utensil holders.  For more ideas on upcycling aluminum cans check out our Upcycling Board on Pinterest.

3. Learn how to knit. Knitting can be very fun and many say that it helps with decrease stress and increase their happiness. Learning to knit may seem like a big undertaking but once you get started you will not want to quit. If you are an absolute beginner at knitting start off small. Purchase an Easy Knit Project Book for Kids or Knitting for Dummies 3rd Edition. These books teach the basics and you will be able to start creating amazing gifts.

We would love to see that projects and crafts that you created this month. Comment below and let us know all the amazing things that you created. For more inspiration and craft supplies visit our website